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     I'm a banjo player, songwriter, teacher and dance caller who has been part of the old-time music community in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years. I play folk songs,  instrumentals, and originals. My topics range from personal and contemporary topics to historical, and I strive for the straight forward story-telling of the old-time songs I love.
    Old-time music is a living tradition that is highly social and participatory. I always bring a connective element to my performances by sharing the stories behind the music, encouraging people to sing along, or even calling a square dance!

Over the years I’ve performed at:

  • The Vancouver Folk Festival

  • The Mission Folk Music Festival

  • Nimble Fingers

  • The Portland Old Time Gathering

  • and many more!

This little project features three songs that I wrote during 2020. I made them in my home office with one plug-and-play USB mic and no software. Despite the lack of polish (or maybe partly because of it) these tracks really reflect my experiences during this long, trying year.

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