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Old Time Dance Party!

A guide to calling dances and

creating a dance scene in your own community

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"Old Time Dance Party" is available for

download or mail-order at Bandcamp.

Or for mail-order at the CDSS store.

This CD and booklet guide to square dancing includes:

  • Explanations of common moves.

  • Instructions for 5 great dances for beginners - Virginia Reel, Bird in the Cage, Bird Fly Through, Shoot that Bird Home, and Butterfly Twirl.

  • Tips and advice for learning to call, finding musicians, booking venues, and outreach to your community.

  • A memoir of my favourite (and least favourite!) dance calling experiences. Originally published in the Old Time Herald.

  • 7 hand-drawn dance illustrations, plus additional diagrams.

  • A professionally recorded CD with music and calls for each dance in the booklet, performed by the house band for my monthly dances: the Estro-Jennies! (5 tracks with calls, and the same 5 tracks without calls)

  • All in a beautifully letter-pressed cover!


Thanks to Bubbaville (the organization that puts on the Portland Old Time Music Gathering) and the CDSS for financial assistance.

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